We are a coalition of nonprofits, community organizations, and advocacy groups serving neighborhoods adjacent to the Washington State Convention Center (WSCC) Addition.

We collectively represent thousands of Seattleites who are dedicated to a more attractive, safe, livable, and affordable city center.



The Community Package is $61 million worth of investments in what the community needs most: public open spaces, safe routes for people walking and bicycling, and homes affordable to working families. This investment, in addition to the $20 million already proposed by the WSCC, is commensurate with the scale of the vacation petition and is comparable to other recent large, multi-block developments. We're proud of the process and the outcomes, and hope to set an example and precedent for what's possible when community and development work in partnership.

Our work is not over. We will continue to stay engaged to ensure the fair deal we’ve negotiated is fully implemented as the project moves through the approval process.


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