The WSCC Addition poses a once-in-a-generation opportunity to build a long-term positive legacy of improvements and connections in Seattle’s central neighborhoods.

The project’s size, central location, public ownership, and extensive request for public right-of-way is being leveraged to make bold investments in Seattle's future and support what we need most - public open spaces, safe crossings for people walking and biking, and affordable housing. Learn more about these community-identified projects that will be implemented in partnership with the WSCC.

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A series of benefits which enhance existing and create new public open spaces in our dense and growing center city, including:

  • Improvements to Freeway Park. Improve Freeway Park, the largest urban park in Seattle. to be more safe, accessible, and enjoyable for local residents, employees, and Convention Center visitors.
  • Interstate 5 Lid Feasibility Study. Fund a City-led technical study of extending Freeway park and lidding Interstate 5 in the Center city and beyond for parks, affordable housing, new streets, and other civic uses. 

  • Terry Avenue Woonerf. Build a pedestrian-oriented woonerf on Terry Avenue between Cherry Street and Marion Street on First Hill.

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Active transportation

A series of benefits which improve safety and enhance the pedestrian realm for walkers and bikers near the Addition project. 

  • 8th Avenue Bicycling Improvements. Build a northbound protected bike lane between Pike Street and Bell Street. 

  • Pike/Pine Corridor Bicycling Improvements. Build protected bike lanes along Pike/Pine connecting the existing bike lanes on Broadway and 2nd, and forming the spine of an all ages and abilities bicycle network. 

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Build More Homes. Contribute funding to create affordable homes for workers earningbelow 60% of area median income.