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In January 2017, an alliance of community organizations serving neighborhoods adjacent to the three-block Washington State Convention Center Addition came together to ensure that the $1.6 billion expansion - to be built on publicly owned land, by a public entity, and using public funding - provided a suite of public benefits commensurate with its size, scale and impact.

We called these community-identified projects the Community Package, and we're proud to announce a successful partnership with the WSCC to realize a shared vision to build a well-connected, accessible, people-centered city with opportunity and benefits for all.

This partnership demonstrates what is possible when developers and the community work together and represents over $80 million in investments for public open spaces, safe crossings for people walking and infrastructure for people biking, and homes affordable to working families.

Summary of WSCC Addition Public Benefits and Investments


Community Package Projects - $61 million

  • Parks and Public Open Space $15.5 million
  • Active Transportation and Mobility $16.5 million
  • Affordable Housing $29 million

Other Public Benefits - $19.5 Million

  • Active Transportation and Mobility $8.5 million
  • Public Art $2 million
  • Historic Building Lighting $1 million
  • On-Site Features $8 million

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